Shoe King, Jordan is shocked! Envy and hate!

Recently, the NBA Players Union held an annual player voice awards ceremony, PJ-Tucker received a special honor, that is, “Sneaker Champ”. This award was voted by the players. Tucker’s sneaker collection has been recognized by players all over the league. Sneakers have always been an important part of basketball culture. Michael Jordan is recognized as the greatest player. In addition to his dominance on the court, a large part of the factor is his contribution to the sneaker culture, from his pair of legendary games that are auctioned for sky-high prices. I can see it with shoes. Naturally, many players in the NBA have sneaker collections. But to be recognized as the “shoe king”, PJ-Tucker said that he is the second, and no one dares to recognize this first.

After Tucker came to Houston, many Rockets players have already opened their eyes. He always likes to pile up his shoes in the locker room. On a long-term road trip, he can carry around 20 pairs of shoes and still open the exhibition. Sometimes the treasures he collects will really surprise his teammates. Paul was a good friend of Tucker’s youth. They both had their seats in the Rocket locker room. Paul could always appreciate Tucker’s collections with envious and hateful eyes.

Once he specialized in smashing Paul, wearing a pair of Paul Air Jordan 5 Chris Paul PEs playing in the Hornets appeared, “I really let him tangled,” Tucker said. However, Tucker also said that Paul was originally the Jordan brand spokesperson. The single brand is more than his own. “My collection is a hundred flowers.” He has a deep understanding of the niche shoes, and even makes the shoes big Michael-Jordan. I am shocked. Before he played in the Sun, when he was playing the wasp, he specialized in wearing a pair of Jordan shoes that Jordan had never seen before – the Marion 5th generation launched in 2001. At the time, Jordan sitting on the sidelines couldn’t help but ask where he bought it.

Tucker said that he was “excited and speechless.” Kawaii-Lenard of Mensao also asked him where to get the Air Foamposite One sneakers when he played with Tucker. He also asked questions, especially to know Tucker’s “source”. Tucker thought back and thought it was funny: “This guy basically doesn’t talk, and it’s pretty funny to hear him.”

How strong Jordan is

How strong Jordan is, should not be introduced to the shoe.

As the first athlete to have the title of “Century Athlete”, it is recognized as the best basketball player in the past 100 years.

With his dramatic career, Jordan has written a series of legends that have influenced generations of basketball fans. As the most successful black athlete in NBA history, it has been highly respected and loved by countless blacks!

Especially in the period when the racial conflicts in the United States intensified, Jordan, as a representative of black people, was regarded by the black compatriots as the general existence of God.

Aj shoes that symbolize and inherit the spirit of Jordan, along with Jordan, are regarded as a kind of faith by the black people. In foreign countries, it is a life-threatening behavior to stain black aj shoes.

How crazy is the black man for aj shoes! In the United States, when a pair of popular shoes are on sale, there are often police officers who maintain the order in the vicinity.

It is very common to have a stampede event during the queuing process. In the United States, if you see which buddy does not wear shoes on the subway, then he must have just been robbed of his shoes. In the United States, the number of wounded cases caused by shoes is numerous every year. According to statistics, the annual shoe brand needs to be responsible for 1,200 dead.